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Mawethu Zita

Mawethu Zita is the founder and director of Mamela Wenze and Associates, a consultancy company that specialises in project management, fundraising, community mobilisation, outcome-based assessment, facilitation and motivational speaking. A non-gender conforming individual passionate about all issue pertaining to youth, LGBTQI+ and disability. 

For the past fourteen years, Mawethu has worked both locally and internationally advancing youth development and leadership in the HIV/AIDS sector. Mawethu has done this through activism, advocacy, training, coordination and mentorship in various internationally recognised NGOs such as Soul City Institute for Social Justice and Disabled People South Africa and within the higher education sector working for The Higher Education and Training HIV/AIDS Programme (HEAIDS) and Walter Sisulu University.

Mawethu has also served in various leadership structures and received accolades for his outstanding work in the HIV sector. 

Mawethu has accomplished the following and held the following positions:

  • UNAIDS recognised Mawethu as a Global Youth Leader on HIV Prevention in 2011.
  • Served as a regional focal point for the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA). 
  • A Fellow of 2019 Victory Institute’s LGBTI Political Leadership Institute.
  • Mawethu is the Board Member for Marry Projects.
  • Former Additional Executive Member for Disabled Youth South Africa.
  • Former Red Ribbon Awards Regional Chairperson for UNAIDS in the Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • Former Reviewer of proposed activities for the Global Village and Youth Programme on International AIDS Conference and Melbourne Youth Force Main Conference Subcommittee.
  • Advanced Diploma in Project Management graduate of Cranefield College.
  • National Certificate in Project Management graduate of UNISA.
  • Currently pursuing a Postgraduate-diploma in HIV Management at Stellenbosch University.


Nikita is a gender non-binary black youth from the township of Motherwell in Port Elizabeth. Nikita’s pronoun is uNikita.

Nikita has a passion for equity and advocates for equity concerning sex, sexualities, gender, race and the economy.

Nikita has accomplished the following and held the following positions:

  • A Gender Transformation Working Group member for a university.
  • Eastern Cape PTT Member for an LGBTQI organization.
  • Worked as a channel strategy and distribution intern at the World’s largest materials sciences company.
  •  Served as an LRC chairperson and School Governing Body Member for Siyaphambili. 
  • SRC Site Council member and radio producer. 
  • A fellow at the Triangle Project and Victory Institute LGBTI Political Learning Institute and YALI Regional Learning Centre Southern Africa. 
  • BA double major in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Anthropology.
  • Twice elected Glam Squad Nelson Mandela University Chairperson, one term Secretary and its Honorary President

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